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Digital Oro International (DOI) is a Web3 project that aims to revolutionize & innovate traditional real estate systems.

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How do I buy a Mint Pass?

Connect or Create your Crypto Wallet

You can connect your existing crypto wallet or metamask wallet or create a new crypto wallet with us in simple few steps on mint date.

Click Mint

After you connect or create your wallet, you'll need to mint NFT. You can only mint NFTs on the mint date and can mint up to 5 NFTs altogether.

Add the contact address & View your NFT on Opensea

It's time to fill up the import new token box with your wallet information so that you can mint NFT or pay with a credit card in a few simple steps and have them shipped to your specified address.

After minting your NFT and entering your contact information, you'll need to view it on opensea for more information.

Details and FAQ

What is an NFT?

An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a unique unit of data that uses technology to log and authenticate digital content, such as films, songs, and photographs, on cryptocurrency blockchains, primarily Ethereum. The most significant impact of NFTs is that they make it simple to own and sell digital content.

What is DOI Property Tokenization?

DOI is a project that specializes in the tokenization of physical real estate & bridging them into Web3.

When Will DOI Property Tokenization be officially launched?

Dates for the pre-sale and public sale will be announced in Q2 2022. Follow DOI Tokenization on social media and on Discord to stay up to date!

How can I buy a Mint Pass?

On our website, you'll be able to buy a DOI Property Tokenization Mint Pass. On the launch date, this feature will be available on the website.

How Do I Get On The Whitelist?

On our Discord, you can discover all precise and up-to-date information for the chance to make Whitelist.

What Does the Future Hold for DOI Property Tokenization?

We intend to create a DOI Property Tokenization community based on interaction and utility, individual and group incentives, collaboration, and personal and financial growth opportunities, among other things.

How can I become involved with the DOI Property Tokenization project?

Go to the Discord server, join the chat, invite your friends, make new crypto friends, and share your thoughts with us!

What does the term "MINT" mean?

In simpler terms, "minting" an NFT entails putting a token on the blockchain and making it available for purchase.

What Blockchain Hosts The Project?

DOI Property Tokenization is based on Ethereum.

Why should I buy DOI Property Tokenization NFTs at all?

DOI Property Tokenization is bridging the gap between real world & digital real estate.

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